No ball playing in the street on Sunday and other laws in 1877 Summerville




The Gazette was the town paper before The Summerville News




The following ordinances have been passed and are required to be enforced on and after Tuesday, the 15th.

Sec. 1–Loud Searing, Boisterous Quarreling, Fighting and all other Disorderly or Indecent conduct, Vulgar or Indecent Language shall be Prohibited.

Sec.2–The Firing of Guns, Pistols, Fire Crackers and such like, shall be Prohibited.

Sec.3–No person shall oppose the officers of the Corporation in the discharge of their respective duties, and every person when called upon to do so, shall assist in the enforcement of the Ordinances and arresting the offenders.

Sec.4– No person shall Deface, Mutilate or Injure any Church, Public Well, Shade Tree, or other property.

Sec. 5– The Streets shall not be obstructed except in cases of necessity, of which the Commissioners shall be the judge.

Sec.6–Camping and keeping campfire shall be prohibited in the town except on such grounds as may be pointed out for that purpose. Nor shall any fire be built at any place so that it will endanger property.

Sec. 7– The owner of any animal that may die in the Town, shall carry it outside the corporate limits of the town.

Sec. 8– No person shall have on his lot any Nuisance to the annoyance of his neighbors or the public ,nor allow any stock to run at large in lots and gardens occupied by others.

Sec.9–No person shall retail Spiritous or Fermented Liquors in the Corporation without permission of the Commissioners.

Sec.10– The Disturbance of religious worship, entertainments, or other public gatherings, shall be prohibited.

Sec. 11– Ball Playing, jumping, etc. in the streets, or within the Corporation on the Sabbath, shall be prohibited.

Sec. 12– The Marshall is authorized to kill all Female dogs, when found running at large while within the limits of the Corporation.

Sec. 13– No person shall be allowed to ride, lead, force or drive, any mule, horse or any animal upon the sidewalks or hitch any animal to any fence, or shade tree, without being subject to a fine of one dollar and costs.

Sec. 14– No horse or mule shall be allowed to run at large on the streets, without a forfeiture of one dollar and costs.

Sec. 15– No person shall be allowed to run his horse or mule through the streets without being subject to a penalty of not less than one nor more than five dollars.

Sec. 16– That a tax of one dollar and fifty cents shall be, and the same is hereby levied and assessed against each and every person, within the corporate limits of the town, between sixteen and fifty years of age, not exempted by law from road duty; which tax is required to be paid by the 15th day of August next.

Sec.17– That all persons subject to the street tax, an who fail to pay the same by the time fixed, shall after that date be required to work upon the streets at least two days, at such times and places as the commissioners may thereafter require.

Sec. 18–That a special tax of one dollar for the immediate improvements of the town, shall be and the same is hear by levied and assessed , against each and every male person within the corporation of the town, from the age of sixteen and upwards, the same to be collected by the first day of June.

Sec 19–That the offices of the Clerk, Tax Collector and Treasurer be the same and hearby consolidated and that James A Clement be elected to discharge said offices.

Sec. 20– That in all cases of violations of any of the forgoing laws and regulations, a fine or not less than one , nor more than ten dollars shall be imposed upon the person so offending.

Sec. 21– That the Mayor  or Chairman of this Board, be and is hear by authorized to act in the enforcement of these regulations without calling together the Board of Commissioners.

Sec. 22– That A.M. Smith be and is hereby appointed Marshal, J.W. Pitts, Deputy Marshall and  G.R. Clemmons and ________  policemen

Sec. 23– That the Marshall in connection with the Deputy Marshal and police shall be required to visit the different portions of the town at night, once or twice a week, and pass through the town on Sundays and see that order is maintained and bring offenders to justice. The Marshall shall notify the Deputy Marshall in all cases, to act during his absence.

By Order of the Commissioners.

James A. Clement, Clerk.