Photo Archive

Menlo First Baptist Church 1905, one of the very first pictures in the Summerville News
Ad in Summerville News promoting buying war bonds in World War One
Out for a drive in front of the Baker home in Menlo
Group of Menlo students. This was before the new school was built in 1948
Buy War Bonds, Ad from Summerville News one year after Pearl Harbor was bombed in 1942
Early 1900’s duties of county road overseers. People had to work on the road or pay money once a year.
Foster’s Store was located between Lyerly and Alpine ( out from Menlo)
Group of boys pose with a new fangled tractor in Menlo
1920’s diphtheria epidemic was small and well contained
During the 1920s there was lots of cotton grown in the county
There were grand plans for a Cloudland resort in the 1920s
Schedule for Ice deliveries circa 1915
School Census of county schools 1896
THe Claude Baker Home near Menlo
The Major’s home outside of Menlo
There were grand plans for Cloudland Park Resort untill the 1930s depression era
Teacher Blanche Toles in front of the Teloga School
Best Mgft. Company Employees Menlo 1961
Anna O’Bannon does not look too happy on their farm near Menlo circa 1900