Photo Archive

Riegel Textile ,circa 1965
Midway bowling alley was just south of Trion in the early 1960s
Ad in Summerville News promoting buying war bonds in World War One
Aerial view of the Trion depot, circa 1962
Bales of Cotton on the dock at Trion Mill. There were delivered by train.
Hanging around the soda fountain … circa 1957
The Petitt family gather round the television ,circa 1955
Scene in Trion Mill circa 1925
Trion piano recital students 1926
Trion High School Band 1956 in front of the theatre in Trion.
Buy War Bonds, Ad from Summerville News one year after Pearl Harbor was bombed in 1942
Aerial view of Trion in 1962 showing the “Frog Town ” section of town
Easter Sunday morning 1950s at the Trion Methodist Church
Trion Hospital (also known as Riegel Memorial) was dedicated in 1936
Early 1900’s duties of county road overseers. People had to work on the road or pay money once a year.
A Trion baseball team, circa 1907
Group posing at the Red Book Sing in Trion 1957. Dr. Charles Bell was the leader
Ready,Set, Go, Cub Scout Soap Box Derby in Trion circa 1960
1920’s diphtheria epidemic was small and well contained